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Doppelgangers: NBA/NFL Edition


Inspired by the Wall Street Journal’s Chris Herring, we here at The Sports Brunch decided a good way to fill part of this two week football layoff would be to create an entertaining article in which we decide which NFL teams and NBA teams match up most closely with each other.  After hours of collaboration and a [...]

The Monday Hangover…On Tuesday


By Will Anari I originally wanted to name this article the Monday hangover, but then again, there is football on Monday. Last week I complained that I wasn’t able to watch due to work, but in all honestly, going 6 days without the NFL would be crippling. I also don’t care what anyone says, the [...]

Give Me Eli or Give Me Death


By Will Anari Its that time of the year again folks. Football season. For me, this means copious amounts of beers, wings, and spending every Sunday in front of a TV from 1 to 10. I actually hate the fact that there is football on Thursday and Monday because most of the time I cant [...]