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Paul George Rumored To Be Making Exit From Oklahoma City Thunder


Gene Sweeney Jr./Getty Images North America

The Oklahoma City Thunder bowed out of the playoffs last week after a loss to the Utah Jazz. Paul George, who nicknamed himself Playoff P, shot 40 percent from the field in series against the Jazz, averaging 24.7 points and a 14.6 PER. Solid numbers except he failed to show up in Game 6 when the Thunder needed him the most.

Rumors about George’s departure from the Thunder have been rumbling since he got there. On Tuesday, the rumor mill exploded when one ESPN host said he was essentially “gone.”

ESPN report: Radio host Ryen Russillo said that “today is the first time I’ve heard from anybody that I trust that George is gone.” It is just a rumor but it sort of confirmed what everyone had been thinking all year long — that George in Oklahoma City was a one year thing.

George rumors: It’s strange that Russillo dropped the rumor Tuesday after Erik Horne of The Oklahoman reported Monday that George was aware of his value to the Thunder organization and how he was impressed with the franchise. George went on to tell Horne, “I think we’re close to accomplishing something bigger here.”

One picture to sum it up: From Bleacher Report …

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