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After a few weeks of waiting, the day is finally here.  At 9:00 PM ET on April 30th, The Brunch Network’s newest podcast, The Spread, is set to kick off.  Joe Caputo will host as he teaches listeners about The Brunch Network’s baseball analytical model, gives his best bets for Tuesday, May 1, and takes calls from fans who are looking to get their bets for Tuesday reviewed and discussed.

The Spread will air 2-3 times per week, always in the 9:00 PM ET time slot on The Brunch Network’s Blog Talk Radio Page.

To call in and speak with the host(s), just dial (818) 688-6658 and wait on the line until your call is taken.

Each show will run for a half hour, and during that half hour The Brunch Network’s Baseball Analytical Model will be open for public viewing.

We hope you enjoy the latest addition to The Brunch Network!


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