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Tallahassee police spent a lot of time investigating FSU QB Deondre Francois for 17 grams of weed


By Ryan Gaydos

Florida State quarterback Deondre Francois was under investigation for two months because a tipster told Tallahassee police they believed the 21 year old was selling marijuana, the Orlando Sentinel reported Tuesday. The investigation reportedly ended last week after police searched his apartment, while his girlfriend was there.

The tipster told police that he saw Francois with a large paper bag filled with marijuana, which police estimated to contain about two pounds of weed, the Sentinel reported. The investigation led police to scour through Francois’ trash on four separate occasions only to find some bags that used to have weed in it and blunt guts, according to the paper. Police reportedly believed that the garbage showed signs that criminal activity was taking place at the apartment.

Police found only 17 grams of weed — equal to a little more than half-an-ounce which most states where weed is legalized allow you to carry up to an ounce on you — and some drug paraphernalia April 12, the Tallahassee Democrat reported. Francois told police that the marijuana belonged to his girlfriend and that he couldn’t smoke “right now.”

Francois was able to enter a pretrial drug diversion and was not arrested, the Sentinel reported. Francois didn’t play in last week’s spring game, but is also recovering from a torn patellar tendon he suffered in the first game of the year last season against Alabama.

“He’s still with our football team,” Taggart told reporters after the spring game. “We talked about his responsibility as a student athlete here, and he understands my expectations and what I’m looking for, especially when it comes to our quarterback.”

Despite not ending up in handcuffs, Francois will have to pay $100 to the state attorney’s office and possibly join a substance abuse program.

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