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December 2014

Chris' Gambling Column Week 16


Only two weeks remain in the regular season and I have one piece of advice to give: don’t take it for granted. If you’re like me, you love the NFL and look forward to Sundays just so you can crash on your couch and watch the games. Even though there will still be playoffs, it [...]

Chris' Gambling Column Week 15


Jooooohhhhnnnyyyy…..Jooooohhhhnnnyyyy…… The chants have gone on long enough. It’s finally time. Johnny Manziel will make his first NFL start this Sunday against the Cincinnati Bengals. I’m not leading my column with this because I’m a Manziel super fan. Instead, I want to highlight once again why the NFL is a world of overreactions. Week to [...]

Chris' Gambling Column Week 14


I was in Atlantic City this past weekend, and it reminded me of something disappointing: despite the progress that has been made, sports gambling is still not legal in New Jersey. It doesn’t make sense to me, especially given the appeal that the NFL and Roger Goodell made against it, saying it would hurt the [...]