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September 2014

Thinking Like Vegas: Week 4


By Joe Caputo Welcome back.  As Week 2, Week 3 was very kind to me, as I’ve posted an 8-4 record in the 2 weeks.  Are you not entertained?  Well I’ll keep going anyway.  Week 4 is a week that features arguably the 3 best teams in the NFL on byes (Seattle, Denver, and Cincinnati) [...]

Chris' Gambling Column Week 4


You know what the beautiful thing about sports betting is? Anything can happen. Ok, well maybe that’s not beautiful. In fact, it showed last week with my picks. While I was saved by Marshawn Lynch and the Seahawks in overtime, Carolina bombed against the Steelers, leading me to go 1-1 in my Five-Star Bets. Granted, I [...]

The Monday Hangover…On Tuesday


By Will Anari I originally wanted to name this article the Monday hangover, but then again, there is football on Monday. Last week I complained that I wasn’t able to watch due to work, but in all honestly, going 6 days without the NFL would be crippling. I also don’t care what anyone says, the [...]

Give Me Eli or Give Me Death


By Will Anari Its that time of the year again folks. Football season. For me, this means copious amounts of beers, wings, and spending every Sunday in front of a TV from 1 to 10. I actually hate the fact that there is football on Thursday and Monday because most of the time I cant [...]