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NBA Draft Scouting Report: Ben McLemore


By Chris Molicki
Ben McLemore, SG, Kansas
Why you want him: With a chance to be a legit stud, many have compared McLemore to Ray Allen because of his sweet stroke. He has great mechanics in his fluid shot that led to him being a prolific scorer during his only year with the Jayhawks. In addition to just being a great shooter, McLemore can shoot off the dribble and get to the rim. He’s very athletic and his 6′ 5″ height as a shooting guard is promising. McLemore is unselfish, although that actually may wind up being a negative.
Why you don’t want him: The fact that McLemore is unselfish sometimes hurts him because he needs to be selfish. The biggest (and one of the only) downsides to McLemore is that he hasn’t yet realized he has the ability to take over a game at will. Once he develops that killer instinct, look out.
Where he’ll be picked: Top 2. Many have Nerlens Noel going No. 1 overall, but it’s not a lock. In the NBA, you don’t build around a big man, which is why I’d personally take McLemore over Noel. Noel could be an elite defender as a pro, but McLemore has the potential to be a star.

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