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May 2013

The Sports Brunch teaming up with The Mercy Rule


It’s official.  The Sports Brunch is very excited to announce that Joe Caputo has joined The Mercy Rule blog site (  While Chris Molicki already wrote for The Mercy Rule, this move marks a change in the way The Sports Brunch site will be run.  Going forward, all article written by Chris Molicki or Joe [...]

NBA Draft Scouting Report: Michael Carter-Williams


By Chris Molicki Michael Carter-Williams, PG, Syracuse Why you want him: The biggest asset  Carter-Williams has is his passing ability. He dished out assists left and right all season. He has great court vision and can find the open man. Carter-Williams excelled in Jim Boeheim’s zone because of his incredible length and size for a point guard. [...]

NBA Draft Scouting Report: Cody Zeller


By Chris Molicki Cody Zeller, PF/C, Indiana Why you want him: Zeller is a seven footer who is very fundamentally sound. He runs the floor extremely well, similar to his brother Tyler. Zeller has a great offensive game in the post, while also sporting the midrange jumper. His hands are soft and he has a [...]

1/4 Season MLB Awards


By Joe Caputo We have officially hit the one-quarter mark of the MLB season, and it’s never too early to review the players that are at the top of each award race.  As a disclaimer, the following awards leaders are players who I think would win the awards if the season ended today, not players [...]

NBA Draft Scouting Report: Alex Len


By Chris Molicki Alex Len, C, Maryland Why you want him: Not every center in the NBA stands at a legit seven feet, but Alex Len has surpassed that mark. At 7′ 1″, he is skilled offensively with soft hands and a solid midrange jumper, some skills that escape many NBA centers. He’s very active [...]

NBA Draft Scouting Report: Victor Oladipo


By Chris Molicki Victor Oladipo, SG/SF, Indiana Why you want him: Similar to Otto Porter, Oladipo is a lockdown defender with a never-ending motor, he’s just a little less long. However, he makes up for it in his explosive transition game and his extreme athleticism. Like Porter, Oladipo has made improvements to his jump shot [...]

NBA Draft Scouting Report: Trey Burke


By Chris Molicki Trey Burke, PG, Michigan Why you want him: A feisty undersized guard, Burke has a knack for scoring, as we saw in this year’s NCAA tournament. His quickness and handles allow him to get to the rim, while it’s be proven that he has NBA range. In addition to his penetration ability, he’s a solid playmaker [...]