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Give Me Eli or Give Me Death


By Will Anari Its that time of the year again folks. Football season. For me, this means copious amounts of beers, wings, and spending every Sunday in front of a TV from 1 to 10. I actually hate the fact that there is football on Thursday and Monday because most of the time I cant [...]

Thinking Like Vegas: Week 3


by Joe Caputo It’s time.  Week 3 is upon us, and after a stellar Week 2 (while most other “experts” struggled, mind you), maybe I’ve gained some credibility among readers.  I know, I know, I’m not getting your respect that easy.  That’s why I’m back again to prove my worth.  This week, because I’m just [...]

Chris' Gambling Column Week 3


If you’re like me, you hate the act of gambling, but love the concept of sports gambling. How does that make any bit of sense, some of you ask? You feel moreso like you’re in control. If I bet black in roulette, should it probably come out black? Statistically no. You’ve got less than a [...]

Thinking Like Vegas: Week 2


by Joe Caputo Welcome, everyone!  Excuse my rust as I’m returning to the writing game for the first time in a WHILE, but with the lack of podcasts being produced by The Brunch lately (sorry about that), I need some way to get my thoughts out there.  Football season is, in my eyes, the most [...]

Underreactions from Week 1


by Chris MolickiThe NFL is a league of overreactions. A team is playoff bound one week, and the sky is falling the next. This holds true especially in Week 1, when every outsider thinks they have teams figured out. Sorry experts, but it takes a little longer than that — a lot longer in some [...]