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Breaking Down the Bracket: South Region


by Chris Molicki Kansas has the No. 1 seed, but has to beat possibly North Carolina and VCU to get to the regional finals. Talk about tough. There’s certainly no shortage of star power in the South. Otto Porter, Ben McLemore, Trey Burke, Nate Wolters, and Shabazz Muhammad are all NBA caliber players who will [...]

Breaking Down the Brackets: East Region


by Chris Molicki The talent of the top seeds in the East is unmatched. The sleepers in the East are deadly. Is Indiana the team of destiny? Or is Butler primed for another run? Let’s analyze the East region and figure it all out. The Favorite: It’s Indiana right? Or is it Miami? It has [...]

Chris and Joe iMessage Banter: Part 1


What do Chris and Joe talk about through iMessage?  Here’s a selection of the past week of texting between the two.  DISCLAIMER- none of this was staged.  These are actual conversations.   Is Georgetown a title contender? (March 9, 2013) CHRIS: “Georgetown doesn’t suck.  Hopefully you’ll realize that one day.” JOE: “they don’t suck, but [...]