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The Yankees Are Underrated


by Joe Caputo It happened all of last year’s regular season.  It happened in last year’s postseason.  It happened again leading up to this season.  Despite ALL the attention, despite ALL the public money, the betting markets have not caught up to this revolutionary roster the Yankees have put together.  Coming into this season, the [...]

Doppelgangers: NBA/NFL Edition


Inspired by the Wall Street Journal’s Chris Herring, we here at The Sports Brunch decided a good way to fill part of this two week football layoff would be to create an entertaining article in which we decide which NFL teams and NBA teams match up most closely with each other.  After hours of collaboration and a [...]

Thinking Like Vegas: Week 8


By Joe Caputo Week 7: 4-2 Overall: 21-14 The charity fund is back! Just over here handing out money to people who want to take it.  Doing the math, that 21-14 record up there equates to 60%, for those wondering.  But I’m not satisfied there.  Yes, I’ve made money this season, but can you ever win enough [...]