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Chris' Gambling Column Week 6


A successful week has been had, gamblers. Both of my Five Star Bets came to fruition (as my Cowboys still pulled out a win with a Texans’ backdoor cover), while two of my three teasers were on point (I mentioned the Jets could implode….that was tough to watch). Of course, that doesn’t give me any [...]

Chris' Gambling Column Week 5


Well that was…rough. Good think I’m not a betting man, am I right? OK. All jokes aside, it was a tough week for me, but these things do happen. No more excuses. I’ve got to turn this thing around for the credibility of my column and for the trust of my readers. In order to [...]

Chris' Gambling Column Week 4


You know what the beautiful thing about sports betting is? Anything can happen. Ok, well maybe that’s not beautiful. In fact, it showed last week with my picks. While I was saved by Marshawn Lynch and the Seahawks in overtime, Carolina bombed against the Steelers, leading me to go 1-1 in my Five-Star Bets. Granted, I [...]

Chris' Gambling Column Week 3


If you’re like me, you hate the act of gambling, but love the concept of sports gambling. How does that make any bit of sense, some of you ask? You feel moreso like you’re in control. If I bet black in roulette, should it probably come out black? Statistically no. You’ve got less than a [...]

Underreactions from Week 1


by Chris MolickiThe NFL is a league of overreactions. A team is playoff bound one week, and the sky is falling the next. This holds true especially in Week 1, when every outsider thinks they have teams figured out. Sorry experts, but it takes a little longer than that — a lot longer in some [...]