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2018 NCAA Tournament: Midwest Region Notes


All stats courtesy of #1 Kansas vs. #16 Penn Everyone always says, “You want a 16 over a 1?” This one isn’t impossible. Kansas is a vulnerable 1 seed, make no mistake. Yes, they’ve come into their own, but this team struggles mightily on the glass and relies way too much on their shooting, [...]

2018 NCAA Tournament: West Region Notes


All stats courtesy of #1 Xavier vs. #16 NC Central/Texas Southern (No line yet) Xavier has all the talent to make the Final Four but their defense has struggled down the stretch. They can secure defensive rebounds and prevent teams from getting to the free throw line, but that’s about it. Very experienced team [...]

2018 NCAA Tournament South Region Notes


All stats from #1 Virginia vs. #16 UMBC (UVA -22.5) Virginia has weaknesses getting to the free throw line and offensive rebounding. Their defense will always keep them in it but a cold shooting night and they’re in trouble (shot 34% in loss to V Tech) UMBC has experience but may just be happy [...]