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The Brunch Network brings you a wide variety of sports and entertainment with a special expertise in college basketball and mid-majors.  Developed by Chris Molicki and Joe Caputo in 2013, The Sports Brunch podcast has aired over 250 episodes and featured more than 50 special guests on the show, including many highly successful head coaches.

Chris Molicki, part of The College of New Jersey’s Class of 2014, now currently holds the position of Game Operations Coordinator with The Fanduel Group in New York, NY. Chris’ responsibilities include pricing daily fantasy contests for the NBA, MLB, PGA, and other sports leagues. Molicki has been with The Fanduel Group since 2019.

Joe Caputo, also part of The College of New Jersey’s Class of 2014, holds the position of Sports Trader with The Fanduel Group in Jersey City, NJ. Joe’s responsibilities include compiling and updating odds, monitoring betting and pricing, identifying new betting opportunities to offer. Caputo has been with The Fanduel Group since 2021.

While both of our co-hosts are employed by The Fanduel Group, the thoughts and opinions presented throughout this website and within our podcast episodes are independent of The Fanduel Group and do not reflect the thoughts or opinions of The Fanduel Group.

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