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Why Haven’t You Filled Our Your Bracket Yet?


It’s been 5 days since the reveal of the Vending Machine Bracket.  There has already been plenty of controversy surrounding seeding.  The anticipation is building.  The stage is set.  So why haven’t you voiced your opinion?

In one week, we will kick off our fourth edition of Brunch Madness, where YOU the fans will decide which snacks advance and which snacks go in the trash.  Click here, right now, and get your predictions down on paper and begin your quest for a perfect bracket.  Yes, March Madness is over, but Brunch Madness never sleeps.

Make sure you follow our social media accounts (@TheBrunchPod on Twitter and The Brunch Network on Instagram) before Monday, April 29 so you can get in on the fun and take part in the vote for every matchup!




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