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#BrunchMadness TV Show Bracket Enters The Sweet 16


by Joe Caputo

It’s had peaks, it’s had valleys, it’s had twists and turns, but so far through 2 rounds #BrunchMadness Part II has lived up to the hype.  Entering Wednesday, one thing was missing: a signature matchup that comes down to the wire, and in the final matchup of the day, that is exactly what we got.  This edition of #BrunchMadness was different than the last, as fans were allowed to pick their brackets beforehand with the hopes of winning a Free Brunch T-Shirt, which has certainly added to the drama.

One of the bigger twists so far, however, has been the irrelevance of the popular bracket picks with regard to the actual results.  Entering the tournament last Thursday, April 19th, many thought, including myself, that the most popular shows picked in the brackets would be the shows to beat when the actual tournament began.  This has simply not been the case.  While we saw 24, the 7-seed in the Cable Drama Region picked in 14 different brackets to go to the Elite 8, this simply did not translate to tournament victories.  Meanwhile, Lost and Mad Men, each picked to go to the Elite Eight in less brackets than 24, find themselves battling it out in the Sweet 16.

These leaves major questions unanswered moving forward.  One of the most intriguing show to monitor so far has been Game of Thrones.  While Thrones was picked to win more brackets than any other show before the tournament, it was not overly convincing in its first two victories.  However, the Thrones have about-faced once again, currently off to a humongous lead over Stranger Things, a show that some thought would push Game of Thrones to the brink.  It surely looks like we are headed for the most marquee of all matchups on Sunday, a collision course between The Sopranos and Game of Thrones.  When all is said and done in the Premium Drama Region, the winner will most definitely be able to boast that they earned their spot in the Final Four.

Finally, you have the Comedy Regions, where after Friends’ Round of 32 struggle, Seinfeld is looking more and more like a lock to get to the Final Four.  But the 21st Century Comedy Region is not anywhere close to as clear-cut.  The Office, while getting plenty of love from the fans before the tournament, will need to win two dogfights if they want to sniff the Final Four.  Trendy upset Final Four picks Always Sunny and Curb Your Enthusiasm and alive and well and could very well pose a significant threat to those top two seeds in the region.

There is still much to be decided in #BrunchMadness Part II, so who do you think will take the crown now that you’ve seen fan voting in action?  How is your bracket doing?  What type of bracket should we do next?  Let us know in the comments below and follow us on Twitter (@TheBrunchPod) and Instagram (@TheBrunchNetwork) to vote on the remaining 15 matchups that will crown the greatest TV show of all-time.

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