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NFL Draft’s Most Compelling Story


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There is a ton of intrigue in this year’s NFL Draft. Mainly for the fact that it is impossible to guess where the top prospects are going to land. The elite quarterbacks that are predicted to go in the first round may all go in the Top 10 — no one really knows. This year’s draft is also producing some of the most compelling stories than previous events.

The most compelling story coming out of this draft is from a little-known offensive lineman named Zack Golditch.

Golditch is an offensive lineman from Colorado State. He was named to the All-Mountain West Conference First Team last season, but may not get selected until the later rounds — if at all. No one has really heard of Golditch, but you probably will before the draft is over.

Golditch survived being shot in the neck by a stray bullet during the 2012 Aurora movie theater massacre in which James Holmes opened fire during the movie “The Dark Knight” and left 12 people dead and 70 others injured. He was only 17 at the time.

He talked to USA Today earlier this month about the harrowing experience.

“I never stopped and realized this is part of my story,” Golditch told the newspaper. “I shouldn’t push that away, because what I hold on to right now is a story, not just about myself, but about everyone else. I can carry that and represent them through what I do now and how I carry myself. I have to embrace it.”

Golditch missed the first few weeks of practice and the first game upon returning to his high school football team. He did score a touchdown in his homecoming game, according to the paper. He went on to be named to the all-Colorado team as a lineman and won his second state title in discus.

If that doesn’t prove someone about this guy’s toughness, then I don’t know what does.

You can point to a bunch of players’ tough times moving through the ranks in college, but there are very few people who get shot in the neck and live to tell about it. I’m personally hoping Golditch gets drafted this weekend.

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