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2018 NFL Schedule: 5 Monday Night Football Games You Could Probably Skip This Year


The NFL released its complete 2018 regular season schedule Thursday night and there is, of course, an incredible amount of hype surrounding it. The release is the perfect precursor to the NFL Draft and checking out your team’s schedule to determine how they can run the table and win the Super Bowl is something most fans enjoy doing.

One thing I am not going to be able to do personally this year is watch Monday Night Football. My day job forces me to go to bed really early in order to wake up early to go and get paid everyday. I have made my peace with not being able to watch at least two New York Giants games this season.

That notion inspired me to tell you which games you can skip so you can get a good night’s sleep. Obviously, if you’re a fan of any of these teams, by all means watch the game. But, if you’re just a casual fan playing for fantasy or betting implications, I am here to tell you it will be OK if you avoid these games this season.


Listen, if you’re a fan of any of these teams please waste your time and watch the game. New York will either have a rookie starting or Josh McCown starting in the first game and if you really, truly want to watch then go ahead. The Lions are still a contender for the playoffs, but even trying to surpass the Minnesota Vikings or Green Bay Packers this season is going to be extremely tough.


The Seahawks are not the same team they have been the last couple of years, though it is still fun to watch Russell Wilson. Seattle has a completely new defensive look and could end up getting upset in Chicago against the Bears. Chicago will be going with Mitchell Trubisky in his second season. It will be interesting to see what progress he makes, but not in the second week of the season. You can avoid this one.


Washington made the gamble to acquire quarterback Alex Smith in the offseason. However, the team lost a target in Terrelle Pryor and who knows how healthy Jordan Reed will be at this point of the season. Drew Brees and Alvin Kamara could be fun to watch at points this season, but if you want to spend a Monday night watching this in the early part of the season… don’t.


Right now, it truly doesn’t feel like the Giants are going to be that good to really be worthy of tuning in on a Monday night and watch them possibly get shellacked by the Falcons in Atlanta. The biggest concern for me is whether the team is going to still have Odell Beckham by the time Week 7 rolls around. The Falcons, of course, are going to be a contender in the NFC South. The combination of Matt Ryan and Julio Jones. If you’re like me, avoid it.


It is just me, or are AFC South games sometimes the most boring affairs? This game could obviously be good if the parameters are right. The Titans have to make a gigantic leap from the borderline playoff team they were last year to an exciting football team worthy of getting a prime time Monday night slot. Houston has to be healthy for anyone to tune in. J.J. Watt has to play more than one game and DeShaun Watson has to preserve his knees. Right now, watching this game is a stretch for me.

Did I miss any potentially terrible games? Am I going senile? Let me know in the comments below.

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