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Green Bay Packers Set To Go Down Tumultuous Road With Aaron Rodgers


By Ryan Gaydos

It’s pretty clear that Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is the glue that holds the team together. His performance on the field is going to make or break the franchise game in and game out. It’s almost a cliche at this point in time. So, when Yahoo Sports reported Tuesday that Rodgers was “frustrated” over lack of communication between him and the front office — it was clear to see why.

Rogers was frustrated over losing wide receiver Jordy Nelson — who has been a top target for him over the last few years — and losing quarterback coach Alex Van Pelt without the team discussing the situation with him, according to Yahoo. It’s no wonder why Rodgers would seem annoyed at the situation and why the relationship between the two parties will start to get rocky.

Later Tuesday, Rodgers refuted the Yahoo report, calling it in a sarcastic tweet nothing more than click bait. Obviously, the superstar player of any team would dismiss a report that cited anonymous sources. It’s easy to dismiss something as “fake news” because in the fierce media landscape today the buzzword for something you don’t like is automatically “fake news.”

Let’s not read too much into the Rodgers tweet and try to determine whether someone of his caliber would really be frustrated over the latest happenings surrounding the Packers. Rodgers has clearly made it known that he’s not going to be involved in high-level personnel decisions.

“It’s pretty clear that players play and coaches coach and personnel people make their decisions,” he told local Milwaukee radio. “That’s the way they want it.”

The Packers offense is definitely different without Nelson and when you lose your quarterback coach, who you’ve had since 2014 and seemingly built a good rapport with, it’s not a good feeling. Green Bay still has Randall Cobb and Davante Adams, but neither played a full season last year. The good news is, Green Bay acquired Jimmy Graham in the offseason from the Seattle Seahawks. Graham will likely be used more than he was in Seattle because of the Packers’ pass heavy offense.

Rodgers’ offense is older for sure, but hanging over the quarterback’s head even more appears to be his contract situation. Rogers is owed $19.8 million this season and $20 million next season, according to Spotrac. However, the Packers could end up just using the franchise tag on him if things go south fast.

“It’s pretty clear that players play and coaches coach and personnel people make their decisions. That’s the way they want it.”

Rodgers, who will turn 35 at the end of his deal, doesn’t have much leverage in his current contract situation. He’s also seeing guys with lesser talent getting paid higher than him. Kirk Cousins, Jimmy Garoppolo, Matthew Stafford, Derek Carr and Drew Brees all have higher salaries, according to CNBC.

So where does that leave someone like Rodgers? Will the Packers give him a crazy salary as he gets closer to the end of his career? This is the rocky path that is starting to be paved out in Green Bay, and you can call it fake news or whatever you want, but it is clear there is a storm system being developed over Wisconsin.

Ryan Gaydos is a contributor to The Brunch Network. Follow him on Twitter @RyanGaydos.

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