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NBA Draft Scouting Report: Alex Len


By Chris Molicki

Alex Len, C, Maryland
Why you want him: Not every center in the NBA stands at a legit seven feet, but Alex Len has surpassed that mark. At 7′ 1″, he is skilled offensively with soft hands and a solid midrange jumper, some skills that escape many NBA centers. He’s very active around the basket and makes his presence known. Len has a lot of potential and if he reaches his ceiling, can be a scoring NBA starting center.
Why you don’t want him: Len is still very raw and needs to improve his game at the pro level. He has to be better with the ball in his hands and not turn it over. Len just had surgery on his ankle, so that complicates things as well.
Where he’ll be picked: Top 10. Offensive centers are hard to come by in the NBA, and despite being raw and currently hurt, Len is a coveted pick. There’s plenty of teams in the Top 10 who will be looking for a center, and one will choose Len.

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